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Kucoin not unbinding 2fa, is this a new type of scam?
I have provided videos and pictures of their reference code and my face reading their statement and everything and every time they asked for more I provided supporting documents. They asked me to record a video showing that I login to some other exchange or wallet and showing the txid of the transaction that I deposited to kucoin or withdraw from. I only had two transactions one for deposit (which the host exchange doesn't show txid on website and only shows in a annual csv report. I recorded a video where I login and download the csv and email to kucoin but they don't accept it) and two a purchase I made through coinpayments which again doesn't show txid.
I keep getting same reply from their support with different aliases/names demanding me to record video showing the txid but that simply is non existent! I wonder if this is a new way to scam people around here! I mean, I know some people would give up after being frustrated like this for a while.. I won't though and if If I don't hear from these people I'll do my best that everyone knows how they cannot trust their exchange anymore.
Note: Terrible customer service, once I search unbind 2fa kucoin I see a concerning number of people having had the very same issue. It's such a shame really...
Last modified 7d ago